Dr. Amira AMOURI

Dr. Amira AMOURI, Assistant teacher of physics at Sfax Preparatory Engineering Institute. She finished her first and second postdoctoral position during the academic year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, respectively. She received PhD in Physics under joint supervision between the University of Sfax , Tunisia and the University Montpellier II, France . During her thesis, she had beneficed of an awards international mobility research “AVERROES”. These two current projects are ‘Multifunctional materials with innovative applications’ and also “Biomaterials”. She is interested to realize an innovative research project with excellence academic network.
Amira AMOURI has published 10 papers, all in international impacted Journals and She has 51 citations from now. She is a Membership of several scientific International Conference committees and she participate in the organization of several International scientific events.
Finally, She is an Editorial Board Member at International Journal of Biosciences and Technology IJBST group of Journals http://borad.ijbst.org/ on August 10 2020- present.
Email: amouri.amira00@gmail.com; amira.amouri@ipeis.usf.tn
H-Index: 6; RG-Score: 16.95
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