Dr Neha Singh

Dr. Neha Singh
Senior Academic Officer
IL&FS Education and Technology
Noida, India
Email ID: neha87always@gmail.com
Contact No: +91- 9868023642

Dr. Neha Singh is currently working as Senior Academic Officer at IL & FS Education Technology, Noida, India.  She is involved in developing a curriculum on English Language Teaching, Life Skills, and ICT @Schools. She is designing a MOOC course on Technology-enabled Language Learning.

She holds M.Phil. & Ph.D. degree in Diaspora Studies. She is also a Google (GFE Level 1) and Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator. She has developed a Home-based learning training model while addressing digital divide issues in Low bandwidth Areas (under Assam Oil India Dikhya Project).

She worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Education in Languages, NCERT New Delhi, and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts, Subhash Chandra Mahavidyalaya.

She is a part of the Research and Content support and editorial team of Newsletter: – Teaching as Lifelong Learning (TaLL) and a member of the Editorial Board of Girmit Indenture Journal (National Council of Indian Culture, Trinidad & Tobago). She is a recipient of ICSSR Travel grant and visited Mauritius for PhD data collection.

She has published one book on ‘Between the two Worlds: (Re) Constructing Women Sexuality and Cultural Identity in Indian Diasporic Films’ (2020).

She is working on her edited book Literature of Girmitya: History, Culture, and Identity (Co-editor Dr. Sajaudeen Chapparban). She is translating award winning writer Dinesh Shrivastava’s book Bharatiya Girmitya Majdoor aur unke Vanshajinto English.

Recently, she has joined as a research intern at GRDT Digital Global Diaspora Museum Series and working on a proposed research area ‘Building Traditional Culinary Museum: Remembering Cuisines of Girmitya Bhojpuri Women

She has become a member of Indian Ocean Committee, Indentured Labour Route Project, Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund, Mauritius and participating in IOC webinar in the month of August 2021 and presenting research paper on Foodscapes and Culinary Narratives of Girmitiya Bhojpuri Women in Culture preservation in Mauritius.

She grabs under her bag a long list of experience from National & International Conferences/ Seminars, Workshops in India & Abroad. She has a long list of publications in the field of Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies, Migration Studies, ELT, Teacher Professional Development, and Indian writing in English, English Literature, and Communication Studies.

Research Interest English Language Teaching, Migration & Diaspora Studies, Indenture labour Migration, Girmitiya Literature, American Literature, History of slavery, Oral Tradition, Bidesia Folk Culture, Postcolonial & Women’s Writings, and Cultural Studies.

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