Dr Razia Sultana

Dr Razia Sultana
Research Fellow
Department of Social Welfare
Ewha Womans University
South Korea

Razia Sultana Ph.D is a research alumni at the Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea. She also completed her masters and Ph.D. from the same department and university. She was the receiver of Korean government scholarship to peruse her doctorate degree. She worked on the issue of diversity in workplace in her Ph.D. thesis. The result of the work brought her the best thesis award from the university. Her research focused was on examining employees’ perceptions (fairness and inclusion) based on their workplace diversity and how that relate to their organizational commitment and job performance in Bangladesh. She was studies on four different diversity characteristics for the research, namely gender, ethnicity, disability, and religious minority. Her research expertise also focuses on social enterprise in Bangladesh and Korea. She has investigated the journey of a leading NGO to social enterprise through her exploring research. Later she also done a comparative research on social enterprise between Bangladesh and Korea. She has numbers of volunteer and work experiences in Bangladesh and Korea. She completed her undergraduate in International Relations from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She gained interest on refugee and migration issue during her study in undergraduate level and later worked as young researcher at the organization name “Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit” in Bangladesh as well as worked as interpreter in Korean Immigration office (Refugee Division). She has published her research works on international journals and also joined various international conferences.
Research Interest
social enterprise, social development, sustainable development, community development, gender and diversity, migration and inequality, organizational culture and leadership.

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