Swagata Basu

Swagata Basu
Assistant Professor
Spanish (Language, Literature, History and Culture)
School of Languages
Doon University

Swagata Basu has been teaching Spanish (Language, Literature, History and Culture) as Assistant Professor in School of Languages, Doon University, Dehradun for the past five years. She has completed B.A, M.A and M.Phil. in Spanish Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. HerM.Phil.dissertationwastitled “Multiculturalismo en el cine español de inmigración:1990-2010” (Multiculturalism in SpanishImmigration Cinema: 1990-2010). Her primary research interest is literary, cinematic, artistic and other cultural manifestations of Migration in the 21st century post-globalization world. At present her specific area of investigation is migrants in contemporary Spanish Society and Culture. She has done short courses at Autonomous University of Madrid and University of Salamanca. She has presented papers at several conferences and have published research papers. She has been selected for admission at the Centre for European Studies, SIS, JNU to pursue PhD on “South Asian Diaspora in Spain: Role of Culture in Integration” which she intends to start as soon as she is relived from her university.
Area of Specialization: Spanish Society and Culture

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