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International e-Conference on Changes State, Economy, Public Health and Society

January 16-17, 2022

Organized by: Center for Academic & Professional Career Development and Research (CAPCDR)

Debasish Sahoo
Virendra Vaishnav
Ph.D. Scholar
Department of Biotechnology, CSVTU, Chhattishgarh.
Tanushree Chatterjee
HoD, Dept. of Biotechnology, RITEE, Raipur
Navita Gupta
HoD, Dept. of Life science, BBMKU, Dhanbad
Imran Ahmad
Research associate, niTza Bioventure, Hyderabad

Mr. Debasish Sahoo, currently pursuing as PhD Scholar, Department of Biotechnology, CSVTU, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, has been working in Biotechnological/Biological field since passing Post-graduation in 2011. Have a keen research interest and more than 10years of academic and industrial research in the field of Environmental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Enzyme technology, Agribusiness and Agri-Biotechnology, Plant Biochemistry and Herbal Medicinal system, Bioinformatics and Drug designing. Also has a keen interest in product development especially herbal drug formulations, Quality control and Quality assurance. Completed E-MBA (One year, Regular) from Subharti university, Meerut, India with Operations management as academic project. Major interest in defining and designing sustainable model in elaborating the livelihood and stabilizing economical weak/unstable background from grass root level of society keeping in mind environmental suitability and produce/product recycling.

Presentation Title: Traditional and Alternative Medicaments During Covid-19 Pandemic for Public Health

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Conference Certificate: Debasish Sahoo; Virendra Vaishnav; Tanushree Chatterjee; Navita Gupta; Imran Ahmad

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International e-Conference on Microeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic, October 2-3, 2021

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