Who We Are

Center for Academic & Professional Career Development and Research (CAPCDR) is a consortium of research and policy makers drawn from national and international universities, institutes and organizations. CAPCDR is presently based in Asia and is shaping as the largest such group focusing specifically on the issues related to academic career, professional development and research.
The CAPCDR works as an academic and policy think tank by engaging national and international experts from academics, practitioners and policy makers in a broad range of research areas. In the changing global environment of academic research and policy making, the role of CAPCDR will be of immense help to the various stakeholders. Many developing countries cannot afford to miss the opportunity to harness the knowledge revolution of the present era.

Our mission is to promote the advancement, communication, and application of knowledge to benefit society and improve lives.

The CAPCDR provides individualized advising, industry specific information and resources, guidance in the development of career competencies, and the opportunity for hands-on professional experiences to support personal goals and career success. Through workshops, alumni, community networking opportunities, and employer partnerships, students have a range of programs to help them develop an action plan and take the steps toward achieving their goals.


The CAPCDR provides resources to assist students with:

  • Career and academic exploration to support personal goals and career success
  • Identifying and developing career competencies in order to successfully transition into the workplace
  • Industry-specific information and resources
  • Building a professional network in order to connect with alumni and employers
  • Acquiring professional experience through jobs, internship, community service, and research
  • Guidance on effectively preparing for employment, graduate school, fellowships, and residencies

The Center collaborates with academic departments, student services, student organizations, and professional associations to offer collaborative programs and events. These programs and events are specially designed to give students access to the opportunities, experiences, and knowledge they need in their future and current careers.


Opportunities for Employer Engagement:

  • Partner with the CAPCDR on career programming that educates and prepares students while providing insight into an industry and company’s culture and opportunities.
  • Serve as guest lecturers on panels, host site visits and shadow opportunities at their company or organization, and to provide information and networking opportunities within a variety of industries and companies.
  • Post opportunities including research opportunities, internship positions, volunteer and community service, and fellowships & residencies.
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