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International Virtual Conference
Challenges in Education, Business and Technology
February 20-21, 2022

Organized by: Center for Academic & Professional Career Development and Research (CAPCDR)

Paulami Niyogi
Life Coach, Trainer and Digital Entrepreneur
Dr Rudrarup Gupta
Academic Researcher and Sustainable Cosmos Ambassador
Green ThinkerZ Society
India under United Nations

Paulami is a certified Life Coach and Trainer known as the enabler of attitudinal development. She is holding a master in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource. She left her corporate career to help small and medium size enterprises achieve their business goals through Digital marketing. She is running her own Branding and Marketing Agency PN Consulting along with newly established training, coaching and consulting company named Arete Pro. A mental health influencer and facilitator of women empowerment, she has founded a not for profit organization ANvolife Foundation to serve the purpose. She is much-admired for her workshop Mindful Wisdom that is helping individuals to get over restrictive thought patterns and achieve life goals.

Dr Rudrarup Gupta is a high-end Academic Scholar, Researcher, Thought-Provoking Educationist, Reviewer, Editor and educational accelerator in all over the globe. He has already been able to re-entrench the academic richness which shall undoubtedly be the victorious path way in all the regards. Dr. Gupta has already flourished his brilliant artistic intellect for “Research Education” through his adroit academic magnification.

Affiliations:         Academic Researcher in Management (Leadership), Overseas Author, Lap Lambert International Publishing, Germany, Sustainable Cosmos Ambassador, Global Change Maker and SDG Expert, Green Thinkerz, United Nations, Guest Lecturer, Tagore School of Rural Development and Agricultural Management, Achiever of both Honorary Doc and Post Doc from USA, India Book of Record’s Holder from India Book of Records, Asia Pacific Excellence Award Holder from Global education and Research Alliance, Appointed Exponent and Commentator of Sports Flashes in IPL Cricket, Global Audio Broadcaster of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)….


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