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International Virtual Conference
Challenges in Education, Business and Technology
February 20-21, 2022

Organized by: Center for Academic & Professional Career Development and Research (CAPCDR)

Mohammad Jashim Uddin
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of English
Northern University

Mohammad JashimUddin is Assistant Professor and Head in the Department of English at Northern University Bangladesh. He has keen interest in Writing, Postcolonialism, Feminism, Folklore, Subalterns Studies and Critical Theory. He has written a good number of academic research papers in different national and international journals. He has presented twelve papers in deferent international conferences. He is a regular contributor to national magazines and newspapers. He can be reached at

Presentation Title: Online Education in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities in the New-normal Situation

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International e-Conference on Changes State, Economy, Public Health and Society, January 16-17, 2022

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