Dr Mª Isolda Perelló

Dr Mª Isolda Perelló
PhD in Social Sciences
Research Line on Migration, Mobility and Social Change
University of Valencia, Spain / El Colef,

Dr Mª Isolda Perelló has a degree in Law (2006, UNED). She has studies about integration of migrants and immigration law. At present, is studying a PhD in Social Sciences, Research Line on Migration, Mobility and Social Change (University of Valencia, Spain / El Colef, Tijuana, Mexico). She has a Master in the Specialty of Co-development and Migratory Movements (2013 UV). She was from April 2014 to May 2015, Project Researcher at the Ceuta Studies Institute (Beneficiary in the Call for Research Grants, 2013). Also she has been voluntary, technical in orientation and labor intermediation and lawyer in some civil society organizations. She is a member of the Research Group on Migration and Development of the UV (InMIDE: https://inmide.wordpress.com/investigadores/). Her main research interests are related to undocumented migration, migration policy, procedures for detention and deportation, and the role of civil society in the borders of United States-Mexico/Spain-Morocco. Project Blog: http://investigadorasocial.blogspot.com.es/.Email: isoldapc@gmail.com

Area of Specialization: Migration and Development



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