Hazhar Blbas

Hazhar Blbas is a lecturer in Statistics Department in College of Administration and Economics at Salahaddin University Erbil
He gained his bachelor degree in Statistics Department at Salahaddin University and he was the third student among 132 students with average 85.516 in 2007. He has taught several classes as assistantship in this department during four years.
He gained master degree scholarship in Applied Statistics at University of Central Florida in the United States of America with GPA 3.425 out of 4 on May 2014.
After finishing his master degree, he came back to home to serve his country as much as he could and he has been working in several universities such as Salahaddin University, Tishk International University, Knowledge University, and Cihan University and he has taught several classes such as Principle of Statistics, Applied Statistics, Sampling, Survey, Regression Models, SPSS, and Academic Debate. Now he is a PhD candidate in Statistics Department at Salahaddin University in the last year of his study.
He is a founder of STAT Office for Statistical Data Analysis and Training, in this center they will help all undergraduate and graduate students in writing their thesis or dissertation especially in practical section. In STAT Office, he has worked with several master and PhD students as external supervisor. Hazhar Blbas also has supervised several final projects of Bachelor in his main filed.
Hazhar Blbas has published 10 papers, three of them in Scopus and one of them in Thomson Reuters and he has 33 citations from now. Also he has written one academic book entitled Elementary of Statistics by English Language which is helpful for all students who study in Statistics Department or in different major.

Finally, he is an Editorial Board Member at International Research Journal of Science, Technology, Education, and Management (IRJSTEM) on August 5 2021- present

Hazhar Blbas
MSc in Applied Statistics in UCF-USA
PhD Candidate in Statistics Department at SUE
Lecturer in Statistics Department at SUE
Director of Career Development Center at University
CEO and Founder of STAT Office for Statistical Data Analysis and Training
Email: hazhar.abubaker@su.edu.krd
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