Professor Dr Zalesskaia Olga
Doctor in History
Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University/ Blagoveshchensk

Olga Zalesskaia, D. in History, Professor, is Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and a lecturer at the Department of Russian History and Special Historical Disciplines at Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University (BSPU). She reads lectures on the theme “Chinese migration in the world: history and prospects”, leads seminars on the “Modern migration in the modern global society” discipline and provides research cooperation between BSPU and other universities including universities of China.

            Olga Zalesskaia has organized the scientific conference “Russia and China: the aspects of interaction and interference” (2009-2014 annually). She also reads lectures in Chinese on the research theme (“Chinese migration in the world: history and prospects”) in the universities of China (Beijing University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Heilongjiang University, Harbin University, Changchun Normal University, etc.).

            Among others, Dr Zalesskaia is a member of the Joint Academic Council for the Humanities of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Far Eastern Branch) and a visiting professor at Heihe University (China). She is the head of the Master’s programme for Chinese students at BSPU and the supervisor of Chinese PhD students.

According to the results of scientific and research activity, about 150 publications were participated in international conferences and round tables; 2 monographs were published.


Former Keynote Speakers

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