Virtual conferencing is getting increasingly popular and there are plenty of recommendations on how to do it out there. The same goes for software and tools that are more powerful and user-friendly than ever before and extremely dynamic in their development. Therefore, we don’t want to focus on any software in particular, but rather deliver general guidelines that aim to help organize different kinds of virtual events and pursue different purposes.

Nowadays, virtual conferences are more than an alternative to conventional face-to-face events. Especially in academic environments emissions resulting from traveling to conferences and meetings are being recognized as a problem in the light of climate change. Technology is no longer much of an issue and people are acquainted with online environments. Saving time, energy and money are other benefits that come with online conferencing. In fact, universities could save a lot of funds allocated to academic staff for conference trips. In addition, due to their inclusive character virtual conferences can attract international participants for local events. Universities can increase their outreach and position their research on an international stage. This also enhances the potential for new collaborations.


  • Saving travel emissions
  • Saving energy and waste (fuel, electricity, materials, food)
  • Saving individual energy (no booking, no travelling, no changes of time zones)
  • Saving time
  • Reduction of costs for organizers (no rooms, no catering, no travels, less staff required)
  • Reduction of costs for participants (no travelling, no hotel, no fee)
  • Flexibility to attend single sessions or the whole conference
  • Possibility of combining with daily routines of work and social life
  • Inclusive (people from all around the world can participate regardless of their origin, physical condition, family situation, financial and political situation, etc.)
  • Easy recording of sessions
  • Easy to enrich the program with additional tools (pre-recorded videos, surveys, etc.)
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